Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 3: Bucket Lists for Low Battery Life

Day 3:

Story: Dr. Vossergon is officially MIA, and the surgeries are postponed indefinitely.  You could live with that except... Nurse Zink announces that the batteries in your Sensorex system only have three more days of life, including today.  That means Monday will be your last day to experience sight and sound even through the Internet.  Then it's lights out, noises off.

Literary Prompt:  Now that you face the total loss of your sight and sound, even as mediated through the Internet, what do you plan to spend your time watching or listening to? What dream can you still try to accomplish in real life with online sights and sounds. What sights and sounds from your past will you try to see and hear one more time?

Challenge: The Group Dance Off:  You've experienced sensory deprivation alone and have tried to perform a task with your sight and hearing preoccupied.  Now it's time to try to connect with other patients and share an experience. And given all the bad news, it's time to blow off some steam and share some music while you still can.

This challenge pits the 3 floors against one another.  (Guests count for all 3 floors.) Your goal is to get as many people on your floor as possible to  dance simultaneously to the same song.  You are on your own to coordinate with your floor and to decide when the dance session will occur, where the music will come from, be it, youtube, pandora or some other source. Deadline: 11:59pm Sat. (You can only coordinate via Twitter, BTW.)

First, you must prove people are attending the dance off.  You don't physically have to be in the same place, just online, listening and dancing wherever you are. Then, you must document somehow that you are listening to the song and dancing.  We recommend photos or short videos (3 seconds should suffice) taken by the nurses (or your friends).  Any photographic evidence should indicate that you are dancing with the proper sensory deprivation: eyes closed, towel over head, headphones in, phone held up to your eyes.

The floor with the highest number of participants, wins this challenge.  (Hint: Accomplishing this challenge will help you on future challenges.)

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