Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 1:  All is Rosy

Twitter:  Keep your eyes on the #l5dosas hashtag. 
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The Story:  Today, everything is rosy. You awake at the Phoenix Center after part one of the treatment, which has you confined to your bed. You are one day away from having your sight, sound, and speech restored!  As a stop-gap, your brain has been connected to the Internet.  All the things you see, hear, or say must go through either Twitter or some other Internet site.  Dr. Vossergon is nowhere to be found but Nurse Zink is hereabouts.  Somewhere. Or you think she is. 

Literary Prompt:  
Tweet your backstory.  How did you lose the ability to hear, see, and speak?  Use your imagination.  These can be purely psychosomatic conditions, largely metaphoric.  The main illness Dr. Vossergone treats, Multisensory Dysphasia, seems to primarily plague millenials.  What triggered your case of it? Your use of media?  Traumatic incident? Or did you lose these senses some other way?

Challenge: (at least one tweet) 
Sensory Deprivation: Tweet what it's like to experience the world just through the Internet.  Put a blanket over your head and wear headphones for a period of time and interact audiovisually only through the Internet via phone, tablet, or laptop. Keep that blanket handy.  You will need it for future challenges.

Inspired?  If you would like to write a longer bit, just post it as a reply to this message and link to your comment in your Tweet.

Min. Requirement: 
6 tweets a day.  At least 1 on the Daily Challenge.  At least 2 have to address other people in the netprov (through the @ symbol + their username).  You cannot tweet all at once.  There must be at least an hour between your sets of Tweets. 

Return here tomorrow for your next challenge.

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