Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 2: Where has Dr. Vossergon gone?

The Story: Day 2 begins as before, with a hopeful spirit. Small connections (the weakest of weak ties) are being formed between patients.  Nurse Zink (and her team, we are told) are tending to the patients.  Some begin to venture out of their beds, using their senses of touch and smell to get around, their senses of sight and sound still being flooded with information via the Internet.  As the day goes on, it becomes apparent that Dr. Vossergon has not returned and his whereabouts are actually unknown.

Literary Prompt:
As you come to realize that Dr. Vossergon is not arriving as planned, meaning your current condition may go on indefinitely, you must face what it means that you might be trapped in this Internet-only condition forever.  Tweet out that realization as well as your reaction.  

Challenge:  (at least one Tweet)
As you make your first tentative steps outside of your bed, we ask that you try to test your abilities.  Without jeopardizing your own RL safety (possibly with a spotter), try to do some everyday activity with your sense immersed in the Internet: towel over your head, holding your screen (phone/laptop), listening to headphones. Extra constraint: Your activity should involve water somehow. Suggestions: brushing your teeth, eating lunch (and drinking water), trying to pick up a bottle of water. (No showers.)  Bonus: Have a roommate or friend take a picture of you doing this activity and then you share this in a tweet. (Again, no showers!)


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