Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 5: Daisy Chain or Bust

Day 5:

Story:  After having found Hillary Vossergon, sister of the missing malpractice medic, you learn of a potential way out, the Daisy Chain.  In her words,
The theory behind the Daisy Chain is that a sequential link among SensoRex units could create the necessary phase pulsations to rejigger the patients' brains back into full real world visual and aural capacity. In theory. At least I thought it would work at the time.
However, the Daisy Chain requires a sufficient build up of SensoRex system activity, which means getting enough people chained together.

Literary Prompt:
Describe a moment when your engagement with audio or visual through a networked device (smartphone/laptop/iPad) interfered with (hurt, created problems with) your interactions with a friend or relative who was with you physically.

Challenge:  Remember trying to form that dance party?  That challenge was preparation for this: The Daisy Chain.  At some moment before 11:59 pm, get everyone on your floor (no fewer than 14 people) to create a Daisy Chain.  Here's how:
  • 1st person makes a Tweet (of at least 10 words).
  • Everyone else retweets but...
  • Each person is retweeted (or MT-ed) only once by only one other person on the floor
  • Each subsequent person will also Modify the Tweet by 1 word only when they post
  • The whole Daisy Chain cannot take longer than 15 minutes to Tweet (Tweets are automatically time stamped).
Each floor may have 2 outside participants. The Floor with the most participants wins mega points.

Note: Nurse Zink will try to interrupt you esp. if she knows what you are planning.

Good luck.  If you fail, this will be your last day of sight and sound!

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